Great Video On How To Send Bitcoin From Coinbase To A Wallet

For those of us that have been around Bitcoin and crypto for a while, moving money from Coinbase to a wallet is second nature. I get so many e mails from newbies that want help on this. The process is simple, but there is a lot of fear of making a mistake. A great video to watch here and my tip is to move a small amount first and make sure you understand what you are doing before moving larger sums.

How To Use ShapeShift

ShapeShift is a tool that I use frequently. It is hard to explain how to use in writing, which is why I love this video. A great presentation here on how to exchange coins using this platform. If you use the Jaxx wallet, you can actually use Shapeshift from within the wallet itself – a great feature!

CloudCoin Creator Joins Jim Paris Live

Jim welcomes cryptocurrency expert Sean Worthington, the inventor of CloudCoin. Worthington shares his view on why his cloud based coin is superior to Bitcoin and other blockchain based currencies. Worthington discusses the state of the cryptocurrency industry, government interference, and more. He also shares with listeners how they can get a free copy of his book, ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ and five free CloudCoins. Buy Cloudcoin Click Here

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