Will Ripple XRP Take The Number One Crypto Spot From Bitcoin?

Excerpt From ‘The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start’

Ripple XRP   

Ripple XRP has been a fascination of mine for several years now. In fact, many in the crypto world consider me a prophet due to my December 2013 YouTube video titled, ‘Is Ripple the Next Bitcoin?’ Ripple is presently the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world, based on market capitalization. As mentioned earlier, I started buying Ripple for myself and then began giving it away to newsletter subscribers.   

One of the big reasons for the enthusiasm surrounding Ripple XRP is the price per coin. Ripple is presently trading for 70 cents. Earlier this year it briefly jumped to a high of $3.65.   

Despite being the third-largest crypto, Ripple offers an extremely attractive price point. Granted, the reason the price is this low is because there will be a total of 100 billion coins in circulation (compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million). Nonetheless, investors unable to buy a full Bitcoin can’t help but be enamored with the idea of getting more than 100 coins for $100. Ripple is attracting a lot of crypto newcomers because of both its affordable price and perceived future viability.   Keep Reading

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